Standard Usage Terms and Conditions

The host site located at is in beta and is considered a work in progress.

Any person accessing this site must use the above URL for access, this site is undocumented and is not indexed by seach engines, The current version is used for the development and management of streaming media. By knowing any URL passcodes, user names or passwords you shell assume the full responsibility for protecting these usage enjoyments, rendered by any third party browser running on your publicly networked computer. And since this is a Research and Development restricted system, accessable for prototyping and testing purposes, this mean you accept the standard "Non Disclosure" and "Non Compete" agreements, generally available from most common law souces.

Although private or public content may or may not reside on servers owned by Red Dog Media labs. the owners or management of "this internet server " assume no responsibility as to the transfer requests by any such third party browsers or applications and/or can not control such requrest orginated by any such third party client programs.

It's important to understand that even though this content may or may not reside on Red Dog Media labs servers, the audio or video will be used by an application created by a third party. Red Dog Media Labs assumes no responsibility for third party usage policies, actions of third party persons or companies, streaming audio or video to your computer, or such persons known or unknown' to such data or information, or that of any transferred information.

It is by agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth, does one gain access to privileges of streaming services or upload/download services. If you transfer the your access code to any third party without the express consent of Red Dog Media Labs, you have violated the terms or conditions of use and you must immediately quit your browser, flush all browser cache, and remove all references in any bookmarks or history settings, sported by your browser or any proxy services you may be using.

What happens if I choose Deny?
If you choose Deny, the application does not have access to site content. The application will continue running, but may not function as intended. Alternately, the requestor may inform you that it can't continue unless you request access, in which case you can either request access and agree to the terms or close the application.

If any of these terms or usage conditions are violated, a team of money hungry lawyers might start a new plague in your world. Prosecution will be employed to the full extent of localized law or custom, and thus such damages may be inflicted depending on the extent of such violation or depending on your attitude and respect towards others

In simpler words the point to remember while a member you have full control of content usage and access. Your personal imfomation is not shared with anyone including marketing and advertisers companies.Our retwork contain security firewall's and tracking logs. For a log request send request date and time of unauthorized access attempt. and/or DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTIES THAT MAY BE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED BY LAW REGARDING SERVICE USAGE, INCLUDING WARRANTIES AGAINST INFRINGEMENT.

Management reserves the right to change the usage restrictions and/or terms of service for no particular reason, at any time, now or in the future. Thank you.

I agree with all the above terms and conditions and now I want to get on with it!

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